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30 Jul Laser Sensors Guideline
Dison 0 4772
Laser Obstacle Detection Sensor Module Thanks to the high performances of the DOE(Diffractive Optical Elements) that can transform a collimated laser beam into any specific pattern. We have designed a patented infrared laser module including a compa..
30 May Laser Safety
Dison 0 1681
[What is laser safety?] [What is IEC60825-1 Standard?] [Laser Class 1] [Laser Class 1M] [Laser Class 2] [Laser Class 2M] [Laser Class 3] [Laser Class 3R] [Laser Class 4] What is Laser Safety? Since the first laser develo..
30 May Laser Modules Guideline
Dison 0 6711
Laser Modules List: Diode Laser module, Infrared laser module, IR laser module, Laser line module, Laser line generator, Cross line laser module Laser Modules Guideline introduces IADIY's laser module product line including RGB diode laser module, i..
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