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Educational Robot

Robot Car, Robot Car Kit, Smart Robot Car, AI Robot car, Robot Vehicle.

The Robot Car is suitable for education, training, algorithm and prototype development. Equipped with variety of accessories and sensors can implement different applications.

Equipped with a Camera to develop Tracking, Image Processing, Identification and Monitoring functions.
 Equipped with a Line Laser Sensor to develop Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance functions.
 Equipped with a LIDAR Sensor to develop SLAM Map Modeling functions.
 Equipped with a Robot Arm to develop Gripping and Transport functions.

We also provide Arduino, Raspberry and Jetson Nano main control board for robot car. The Raspberry uses the Linux system and has powerful computing capabilities. Supporting ROS middleware can implement IoT applications, suitable for advanced developers.


Educational Robot

Brand: IADIY
The Smart Video RC Robot Car equipped with two-axis PTZ camera, which can be used for full-view real-time video remote control by mobile phone or computer. With ultrasonic and infrared sensors, it can..
Starting From NT$2,438
Brand: IADIY
The Smart Video RC Robotic Arm Tank equipped with 4-DOF robotic arm and 2-axis PTZ camera. User can remotely control the camera and robotic arm by mobile phone and computer. With ultrasonic and infrar..
Starting From NT$4,518
Brand: IADIY
The AI-Deep Learning Robot Car is developed based on the deep learning Tensorflow framework. It is equipped with a 720P camera and uses Raspberry PI4 as the main control board and supports WiFi real-t..
Starting From NT$7,670
Brand: IADIY
The ROS Navigation Robot Tank is equipped with 720P camera and LIDAR sensor and which is developed based on the ROS framework. User can remotely control the robot by WiFi real-time images and use the ..
Starting From NT$11,505
Brand: IADIY
The ROS Navigation Robotic Arm Tank is equipped with 1080P camera, LIDAR sensor , 4-DOF robotic arm and which is developed based on the ROS framework. Operating the human-machine interface through th..
Starting From NT$29,640
●The 4-DOF Multifunction Robotic Arm for Desktop uses serial digital servo motor and 1080P camera, which can implement gripping/transporting and image recognition applications. The small size and ligh..
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