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DIY Robot , Robot Integration, Smart Robot, AI Robot, Educational Robot, Industrial Robot .

IADIY provides robotic car kits, accessories, components and sensors for robotic research or application development.

These robots can be used for education, training, prototype development and industrial engineering applications.

As our optoelectronic and integration experience ​of robot sensor, camera module and laser sensor, we release off the shelf robot sensors, laser obstacle sensor, LIDAR unit, 3D TOF sensor, and VR camera module etc... for robotics engineering development.

Check here for laser sensor shop, Check here for other sensor shop.

Our online standard robot kits, robot cars and robot sensors briefly describe as follows:

  • Robot Car Kit
    We provide multiple sets of DIY robot car kit, and provide a simple and complete robot architecture, which is convenient for teaching and training or a basic platform for robot engineering development.
  • Accessories
    Chassis, Motors, etc. Provide relevant parts for robot functions and robot DIY to create your own robot or robot application.
  • Sensors
    In addition to laser optical sensors, we also provide other types of sensors for development.
  • Customized Robot Sensor or Functional Module
    If you need modification based on our robot sensors or develop the new functional module for robot applications, we also can support the custom made robot kits, robot sensors or functional module. Please not hesitate to contact us. We welcome your inquiries for technical or application issues. Please contact us.

Robot Store

Product ID: Smart-Video-RC-Robot-Car
The Smart Video RC Robot Car equipped with two-axis PTZ camera, which can be used for full-view real-time video remote control by mobile phone or comp..
Starting From NT$2,438
Product ID: Smart-Video-RC-Robotic-Arm-Tank
The Smart Video RC Robotic Arm Tank equipped with 4-DOF robotic arm and 2-axis PTZ camera. User can remotely control the camera and robotic arm by mob..
Starting From NT$4,518
Product ID: AI-Deep-Learning-Robot-Car
The AI-Deep Learning Robot Car is developed based on the deep learning Tensorflow framework. It is equipped with a 720P camera and uses Raspberry PI4 ..
Starting From NT$7,670
Product ID: ROS-LIDAR-Navigation-Robot-Tank
The ROS Navigation Robot Tank is equipped with 720P camera and LIDAR sensor and which is developed based on the ROS framework. User can remotely contr..
Starting From NT$11,505
Product ID: ROS-LIDAR-Navigation-Robotic-Arm-Tank
The ROS Navigation Robotic Arm Tank is equipped with 1080P camera, LIDAR sensor , 4-DOF robotic arm and which is developed based on the ROS framework..
Starting From NT$29,640
Product ID: RA-ROS-M1
●The 4-DOF Multifunction Robotic Arm for Desktop uses serial digital servo motor and 1080P camera, which can implement gripping/transporting and image..