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Custom Laser Module

Custom Laser Module
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Laser Module Naming Rule: RGB Laser Module, IR Laser Module, Line Laser Module

Product Code Laser Module Dia. Color, λ(nm) Model Laser Power Laser Pattern
LM:  4: 4mm B: Blue, 405:405nm S: Standard 03:<.39mw, Class I D: Dot, R: Round
Laser Module 6: 6mm G: Green, 520:520nm H: High-End 1:<1mw, Class II L: Line, C: Cross Line
8: 8mm R: Red, 635:635nm C: Custom Made 10:<10mw P: Pattern
9: 9mm IR: Infrared, 940:940nm 1000:1000mw

Other than evaluating online store standard samples, we can support various customization laser modules as well. Available customization options can be generally covered as 4 group items. Main laser features are wavelength & power. Laser output features cover output pattern (including dot, round, line, cross line, uniform line, or special pattern by DOE) & laser transmission (collimating, focusing, or expanding). Mechanical options are housing diameter modification and embedded heat sink (for high power laser). Last customization item is PWM control design available for all laser modules. If you need any laser customization support, do not hesitate to contact us

For more details introduction, you are welcome to visit Laser Module Guideline.

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Custom Laser Module
  • Deliver Time: Made by Order, 3~4 weeks
  • Product ID: Custom-Laser-Module

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We also support custom made service as your requirements.

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