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About  IADIY

IADIY is a professional engineering and technology integration company focusing on the development and engineering manufacture of photonics, optoelectronics, robotic sensing, IOT sensor and innovative applications products. We build up this website with online store releasing the convenient products off the shelf for the technical development, DIY interested, and innovation technical guys and creators. We also create the integrated application solutions and modules for the new applications and technical innovations. Our goal is to provide the photonics, optoelectronics, optical sensing and technical integration resource and technology and to support the technical development and innovated business reducing the barrier of innovation and creation.

Who We Are

In a nutshell, IADIY accelerates the growth and success of potential clients by providing technical integration solutions and resources for applied innovations to solve challenges and drive competitiveness. 

Our Advantages

High Tech Know-How

We decades of experience in real-world photonics system and products development and marketing, our ability to contribute goes beyond your imagination. 


Watch your profits and efficiency soar. You'll expand faster than you ever thought possible by leveraging our fast prototyping and transit into mass production phase. 

All you need in one place 

We have omnipotent business partners to help your business prosper.

Looking For Tech Solutions

We will help you access, evaluate and deploy feasible technologies in your business.

Need Resources to Grow Your Business?

We will help you access talents, expertise in tech, technical resource supply chain, ODM, JDM partners and market opportunities under one roof.

Exploring Innovation Partnerships

Being an innovation ecosystem, IADIY is not only a stand-alone creative high-tech integration company, it also is a holding corporate that controls affiliate child companies in associated field to support our clients with all the necessities under one roof to debut their dream products in the fastest possible way and  to help mitigate and minimize technical, coordination and communication hurdles in the way. was created in a hope to provide photonics key components, modules and subsystems to help R&D engineers or product managers to facilitate development progress and hence shorten the time-to-market all in one place.

Looking for advice regarding private or personal matters? Contact us ! Our highly qualified team will be there for you for whatever life may throw at you.

Quality Policy

IADIY’s policy is to provide professional and efficient service to meet or exceed each of our customers’ requirements; providing products services of the high quality and continually improving our quality system effectiveness. IADIY management is committed to ensuring that our company and its employees achieve this objective.

Conflict Minerals and Environment Protection

IADIY follows industry guidelines established by the joint Electronic Industry Citizen Coalition (EICC) and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) to trace what are known as Conflict Minerals back to their mine of origin. We follow policies and processes aimed at preventing the use of Conflict Minerals or derivative metals. Comply with international environmental protection regulations (such as WEEE, RoHS, REACH, etc.) to provide customers with products free of hazardous substances, and to establish a hazardous substance management system that does not use prohibited substances, do not mix prohibited substances, and are not polluted by prohibited substances

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