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Infrared Laser Module

Infrared Laser Module, IR Laser Module, Infrared Laser Line Module, IR Line Laser Module, Infrared illumination Laser

The wavelength of the infrared laser module, infrared laser line generator, or called IR laser module, IR line laser module there are 780nm, 808nm, 830nm, 850nm, 905nm, 940nm, 980nm, and VCSEL laser module with DOE pattern or IR laser line generator. Except for the standard infrared laser modules listed in the online store, we also can custom-made the infrared laser module as your requirements.

Infrared Laser Module Product Line

Our online infrared laser modules, IR laser modules, infrared laser line modules of standardization are listed as follows:

  • Infrared Laser Module, IR Laser Module

    Based on infrared laser diodes from 780nm to 980nm, we can change the laser diode, modify the laser power, laser beam diameter, focal distance and customize the mechanical dimensions of the IR laser diode module as your requirements.

  • Infrared Line Laser Module, IR Laser Line Module

    Standard IR line laser modules in span angles: 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°; the span angle and line width also can be modified as your requirements. 
  • VCSEL IR Diode Laser Module, VCSEL Infrared Laser Module:

    The new VCSEL laser module can be based on custom made for laser sensing, high power IR illumination, and laser heater applications, etc...

  • Customized Laser Module and DOE Laser Pattern Module:

    You can visit our custom laser modules inquiry to review the introduction for the custom laser module and DOE laser pattern module and contact us.

Infrared Laser Module

Brand: IADIY
IADIY has many kinds of infrared laser modules including VCSEL laser. Each wavelength has the different features like 850nm for night vision and laser detection, 940nm for out door laser sensor. We al..
Starting From NT$813
Brand: IADIY
IADIY supply various NIR laser modules including VCSEL laser. Developers can find most suitable NIR laser module for different projects. For instance, 850nm IR laser modules are widely adopted for nig..
Starting From NT$325
Brand: IADIY
Infrared line laser module or called IR laser line generator usually use the invisible feature for laser sensing, laser detection or IR laser illumination. We also support custom made IR line laser..
Starting From NT$488
Custom Laser Module
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Brand: IADIY
Laser Module Naming Rule: RGB Laser Module, IR Laser Module, Line Laser Module Product Code Laser Module Dia. Color, λ(nm) Model Laser Power Las..
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