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LiDAR Sensor

LiDAR Sensor, laser scanner, 360 rangefinder, 2D rangefinder

IADIY provides the LiDAR Sensor module that integrates environmental sensing, location mapping, navigation, and obstacle avoidance. Our laser scanner are strong adaptability, simple operation, provide documentation and technical support. Suitable for development and integration for cleaner robot, ducationand robot, service robot and robot. IADIY provides two different technologies of LiDAR, ToF(Time-of-flight) and Triangulation.

ToF LiDARs use a pulsed laser, also known as dToF(direct time of flight). The principle is to emit a pulsed laser and then the time interval between the reflected light pulse and the emitted light pulse is measured, and the flight time of the light can be obtained.
The advantages of ToF LiDAR are that it has a long measurement distance and strong resistance to ambient light.

Triangulation LiDAR: 
Triangulation LiDAR measureme distance by angle calculation. A laser spot projects onto the Measurement object. The reflected light falls incident onto a sensor at a certain angle depending on the distance. Calculate the distance to the Measurement object by position of the light spot on the sensor.
Triangulation LiDAR is suitable for measuring short-range targets, with higher accuracy and higher frame rate.

Laser Navigation Module

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