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MIPI Camera Module, MIPI Camera Board, Camera Sensor Module, Phone Camera Module

As our manufacturing facilities provide optics and camera modules design service and manufacturing of electro-optical subsystem, optical lens, camera module, image processing and laser sensing. We dispose of an unsurpassed design and development capacity, comprising an in-house optics & photonics division, an hardware division and an software integration division making us the ideal choice for clients who wish to outsource crucial designs and manufacturing to a highly qualified and trusted partner. As the camera module structure, we divide into 3 main sections:

1. Image Sensor

Image sensor is the key part of camera sensor module. It decides the major parameters and features including image pixels and resolution, frame rate, S/N ratio, dynamic range, sensitivity, functions and control command support, etc.

2. Camera Lens Module + Optical Filter

Main characteristics of camera lens: diameter size, image circle(image size for sensor), focal length, FOV(field view angle), pixel resolution, F-number, distortion, environment reliability requirements, and the additional optical filter request.

3. Sensor Driver and Interface

The sensor driver is a necessary pare for driving the sensor to work and connect to the processor. It's a software program can be controlled by the processor need to consider whether the processor driver can support, the data interface and format of the processor need. Because there are too many kinds of processor and the driver programed for each different one. You'd better choose the image sensor there's the driver version for your processor.

MIPI Alliance is an organization that develops interface specifications, the MIPI Camera Serial Interface was widely used in mobile industries. As this camera interface was high-performance, cost-effective. It was quickly expanded beyond the mobile industry. The MIPI camera module is separated with the DSP. It needs to program the firmware of DSP and using the grabber board to test in development and production.

More information please review camera module introduction or custom camera module requirements flow.

MIPI Camera Board

Brand: IADIY
Technical Information: Model  CS03M120M5C Sensor  GC0308 Image Size  1/6.5 inch Image Pixels & Resolution  VGA / 640(H) x 4..
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