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Embedded Computer

Embedded System, Embedded computer on module, Embedded single board computer and evaluation kit.

SMARC is the first COM standard to be built specifically for modern ARM-Cortex system on chips (SoCs), aiming to efficiently pass along ARM benefits such as low power consumption to COTS designs. The benefits of standardization are listed as follows:

  • Standard computer-on-module reduced cost for production
    Mass production of SMARC computer on module equals a better price performance ratio
  • Improved quality for embedded computer system long life cycle guarantee
    Long life cycle and service guarantee equals higher quality of embedded computer system products
  • Improved negotiating power for the buyer
    Standards drive product differentiation and competition toward price and service and away from features. This gives buyer both better pricing and better support.
  • Standard architectures
    Allows software teams to develop new applications faster with fewer people.
  • Scalable and flexible
    More module offerings can be applied to the same platform.

IADIY build up the embedded computer system product line including embedded computer on module, embedded single board computer and SMARC evaluation carrier for industry, IOT and robotics applications as more than 15 years experience. We guarantee at least 10 years product life and service support.

Embedded Computer

Brand: embedian
10+ Years Product Life Cycle !!                     The SMARC-iMX8M offers high-performance processing for a low-power System-on-Mod..
Starting From NT$4,713
Brand: embedian
10+ Years Product Life Cycle !!                    The highly scalable SMARC-FiMX6 modules with single, dual lite, dual or quad core NX..
Starting From NT$3,673
Brand: embedian
10+ Years Product Life Cycle !!                EVK-STD-CARRIER-S20 is a full function evaluation carrier board designed for standard SMARC 2.0 compliant..
Starting From NT$19,793
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