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01 Jul Refractive Index for Different Wavelength in Different Material
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It is Isaac Newton published the refraction phenomenon for the light pass through a prism on 1672, that established the foundation of modern optics. In the article, Newton claimed that color , now been well known to be the appearance of wavelength, i..
15 Mar Optics ODM
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Optical Design Manufacturing Service - Optics and Photonic Elecro-optical DevelopmentOur manufacturing facilities provide optics and product design services and contractual manufacturing of photonic electro-optical subsystems, complex laser and optic..
20 Jun Optical Lenses Guideline
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Optical Lenses List: Collimating lens, Laser collimators, Camera lens modulesOptical Lenses Guideline introduces optical lenses and optical components product line. There are laser collimating lenses, collimtor lens for laser collimation and camera l..
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